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karaoke origin

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In fact, karaoke originated in Japan at the earliest. Due to Japanese customs, if a man goes home too early, his neighbors will look down on him, thinking that he does not even have a social interaction every day at get off work, and coming home too early every day becomes a joke for others. Therefore, many Japanese men gather in bars or teahouses after work, chatting until late at home, and then gradually they feel that they should find something new to kill time, so they drink and use TV in the bar. Simple things that can be used to sing, such as microphones, later evolved into the current karaoke with the development of technology. Later, it was introduced to Taiwan, and then introduced to the mainland from Taiwan, and there is today's karaoke scene.

And so is the origin of the name. Among them, "Kara" means "empty" (empty), and "OK" is the abbreviation of "Orchestra", which together means that there is no real band accompaniment when singing, only audio and video accompaniment. Usually, a pre-recorded music accompaniment on a storage medium such as a videotape without a vocalist is played, while the lyrics with the beat cues are played simultaneously on the TV screen, and then the participants watch the lyrics and sing into the microphone.

"Karaoke" is an accompaniment system in which singers sing along with pre-recorded music. "Karaoke" can beautify and embellish the singer's voice through sound processing. When combined with the music accompaniment, it becomes a seamless stereo song. This accompaniment method brings great convenience and pleasure to singing lovers.


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