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What is sampling rate and quantization precision

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Sampling frequency: ordinary CD is 44.1KHz sampling rate, DVD is 48KHz sampling rate, 48KHz sampling rate is slightly higher than 44.1KHz sampling rate, there will be no significant difference in subjective listening. How clear would a 44.1KHz sample rate be? It is related to the auditory characteristics. The human ear can hear the highest frequency of 20KHz, and the subjective sense of hearing begins to have a clear feeling above 11KHz. To clarify the Nyquist theorem, two fixed sampling points can represent the highest fixed waveform sampling frequency, but cannot represent an unfixed waveform. There is a misunderstanding that the so-called 44.1KHz sampling rate can restore the 22KHz audio frequency. A waveform that does not change constantly needs n sampling points to restore. The more sampling points, the smaller the waveform distortion. After the sampling rate, waveform distortion and quantization accuracy are determined, the restored waveform frequency can be determined. When the sampling rate is 44.1KHz and the quantization accuracy is 16bit, the subjective sense of hearing is a little clear, but it is stiff and digital, and the waveform is restored at 6KHz-11KHz, which is CD quality. The 48KHz sampling restoration only slightly improves the point definition, and the highest waveform restoration is lower than 12KHz, which is still stiff and digital. 88.2KHz, 96KHz, 192KHz sampling and restoration clarity gradually improved.

Dynamic range: When the quantization precision is 16bit, the corresponding decimal number is 0 to 65535, and the difference is 1/65535. The dynamic range of the quantized analog quantity can be 65535 different, which is 96.32 decibels. The pain-free limit sound pressure of the human ear is 90 decibels, and the dynamic range of 96 decibels is sufficient for ordinary applications, but higher dynamic range reserves are required to play explosions and symphonies at the cinema or home theater level.


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