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How to become a qualified sound engineer?

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First, the industry characteristics and employment prospects of sound engineers

Each of us is inseparable from sound all the time. We send information through sound, receive information through sound, express various emotions through sound, and perform entertainment activities through sound. . . . In short, sound is one of the important foundations of human society. The level of understanding, control and appreciation of sound in a country or a nation directly reflects the cultural quality and level of development of the country and nation. Some countries with advanced technological and cultural development, such as Germany and France, have a relatively high level of understanding and appreciation of sound, especially music. Our motherland is an ancient civilization. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, it ranked first in the world in terms of music level. Since the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of economy and science, higher requirements have also been put forward for cultural entertainment. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 200,000 karaoke halls in the country. , radio and television, audio-visual program production. . . . and other units, the number of audio technology practitioners in the country is close to 1 million. At present, among all walks of life in the country, the audio technology industry (audio engineer and recording engineer) has become the most popular industry. Many conference rooms and lecture halls of factories and mines lack qualified audio mixers, while cultural entertainment, film and television projections, In particular, the radio and television sector is also in urgent need of qualified audio engineers and technicians. Therefore, sound engineers and sound engineers are urgently needed talents and have broad employment prospects.

Second, the work characteristics and basic quality requirements of sound engineers

Sound engineer, recording engineer and tuner are collectively referred to as audio engineering technicians (tuner is currently the occupational name of sound engineer according to my country's occupational ceremony and the Ministry of Labor), and their scope of work is closely related to skill requirements Or commonalities, and at the same time there are certain differences or individualities. Regardless of whether the sound engineer or the sound engineer, the main job is to pick up, control and process the sound, but there are differences between the two; the main job of the sound engineer is the hall amplification, which is usually what we call live amplification. Their job is to use microphones for miking (vocals or instruments), using mixers and peripherals such as equalizers, compressors, noise gates, exciters, feedback suppressors, effects, crossovers etc.) to process and process the sound, and then restore the sound through the power amplifier and speakers, so that the audience can obtain the best vocal and musical sound effects. Not only the sound engineer is required to understand the tuning skills of various audio equipment, the correct use and placement of microphones and speakers, but also the basic knowledge of architectural acoustics and music acoustics. In addition, because the sound engineer is doing sound reinforcement in real time, the sound engineer is required to be skilled in technology, respond quickly, have high adaptability, and have on-site experience and skills in quickly handling faults.

The work of a sound engineer is mainly to pick up and record sounds, and through post-processing, produce excellent sound programs, such as movie recordings, TV program recordings or other audio-visual company's program recordings. He is not like a sound engineer who wants to amplify the sound at the same time, and is not greatly affected by the sound field (such as sound feedback, reverberation time, room constant, etc.), but when recording, how to record the sound real and natural? How to create a sense of presence, realism, distance, direction (stereo), movement (surround sound) of the sound, and make the program produced with clear layers, wide sound range, moderate loudness, and beautiful sound, it has become the pursuit of the recording engineer. Target. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the recording engineer's listening training, music cultivation, and operation skills, especially for computer operation, the use of various software and plug-ins.


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